What Would You Do With All That Money?

2009 June 17
<em>Taya gives the finger to money woes.</em>

Taya gives the finger to money woes.

I’ve been thinking about money lately. It’s not coming so easily these days, is it?

For those of us experiencing job losses or shifts, or a drop in business and earnings it can be a pretty scary time. And a redefining time — which can be fruitful and exciting. (And again, scary. Uncertainty.)

Here’s my current money story in a nutshell: I was kicked out of a corporate writing job. This freed me up to pursue a path I’d been dreaming about because I had nothing else to do. It was time, and I pounced. I signed up for a coaching course which led to commit to starting my own coaching and writing consulting biz. This led to a goal set on making a business that can sustain me financially for years to come (don’t even ask me about my non-401k). In short: I’d had enough with the swinging pendulum of In Job/Out of Job/In Job/Out of Job. Time for something new.

This led to me ask: When I say I want financial freedom, what exactly does Financial Freedom mean? Better yet, what does it look like?

So I started making a list. And a fun list. Like that beautiful To Do list I wrote about a while back.

Here’s a bit of it. (Warning: Once you start on a Cool Moneyfied To Do List, it really gets going):

* Be able to buy a plane ticket, last minute, to anyplace in the world, at any time.

* More specifically: buy more plane tickets  to Colorado to see my niece and nephew. I’d like to be able to plunk down money on last-minute high-fare tickets to fly out and see Campbell’s play or a Taya’s skating competition. And I want to not even flinch at the cost.

*Swim Trek International. Swim island to island through the Greek Hebrides.

* Get massages often, once a week if I feel like it. And from Ruth who will be starting her new massage biz soon.

* Hire my wonderful cleaning ladies, once a week and increase their pay.

* Buy paintings from local, up-and-coming artists.

* Get myself a sunny lovely office space. With a plant. 

One thing that arises from my list is a new-and-improved value: How much I want to pay for products and services that support other small biz owners. Which leads me to …

It’s not always about getting a deal
Just as I want to make a comfortable living, I want that for others as well. This means choosing my time to be thrifty and getting a good deal appropriately. Like a giant retail store sale or steals on travel. But don’t be a cheapskate with the small biz owner. That’s just wrong.

And now, a story about pajamas and making more money
A small biz owner friend of mine recently told me how much she loves pajamas. She especially enjoys working in fresh new PJs at her stunning home office. I said it would be fun if she rewarded herself with a new pair of pajamas with every new client she retains. And so, she can frame her goals as such: “10 new pairs of pajamas by the end of the year.”

So, what would your life-enhancing, good-time, Beautiful Money To Do List look like? It would be great to get some more ideas to add to my list.

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  1. 2009 June 18
    Sonya permalink

    T, I love your list! We’re doing some of ours this year — paid off the kids student loans, and are watching them dive into their dreams as a result. Building an office for me, a film watching room for us. I want two trips a year for me (not the family, though those trips are also special)…one a pilgrimage, the other a respite. Last week when I had a couple of big client checks, I went to Whole Foods and allowed myself to buy whatever I wanted…very new as I’m usually calculating there. The result was feeling abundant all week long in the cheeses, chocolates and delicious meats I found.

  2. 2009 June 18


    Great post & great list. This was an inspiring post to me.

    I’m going to think more about this, but would love to continue hearing your thoughts about “the money thang” etc.

  3. 2009 June 19

    Kelli, I’m glad this inspired and got you thinking. If you make any discoveries further and want to share — please do. Here in comments or as a guest blogger.

    Ok, I will continue to give this thought then.

    Money money MOOOney moNEY!

  4. 2009 June 20


    I wrote some of my weirdness with money on my blog here:


    In the end, I was kind of interested in how I have this odd relationship with $$. I think I will have to write the money list in private as it brought up feelings of guilt in me when I tried to write it online, like I was asking for too much. And yet, I so admired your list.

    I’m going to have to explore this a little more in myself. What am I afraid of? Having too much or not having enough?

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